Universal Access to Kindy SA is a community group concerned with ensuring kindergarten remains accessible to all children in South Australia.
Read our most recent letter to SA Minister for Health and Wellbeing outlining our concerns here.
Every child in Australia is promised 600 hours of early childhood education in the year before school through the National Partnership Agreement on Universal Access to Early Childhood Education.
Currently, the proposed No Jab, No Play policy set to be introduced in SA is misaligned with the incredibly well-researched value of kindergarten.
It is unacceptable that children, who have no say in their vaccination status, should have their development and education detrimentally impacted by this policy through exclusion from kindergarten #whybankindy?

94.9% is the 2020 record high for vaccination

rates in SA

95% vaccination coverage in children is the goal for SA and the target set out in the aims of the South Australian Public Health (Early Childhood Services and Immunisation) Amendment Bill (No Jab No Play phase 2).

SA Health just announced a record high with 94.9% of children fully immunised at 5 years old... so why ban kindy?

Exclusions for childcare and other services apart from kindergarten could illicit the 0.1% increase in vaccination rates that SA needs... so why ban kindy?

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has been a strong advocate for children on this matter.
They urge the Government not to exclude children from early childhood education and state"early childhood education should not be seen as a policy lever by which to improve immunisation, but as an outcome that is at least equally as important as immunisation".
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